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UPCOMING EVENT: Turquoise Jeep Records and Kosha Dillz

How you like your eggs? Fried or fertilized? I’m riding with Turquoise Jeep Records for a second time this Sunday, opening for the internet kings of throwback RnB with my friend Kosha Dillz. DC’s super funky Oxymorons are also on the bill. Come see us at B.B. Kings. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door (RSVP on Facebook here).

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I Wanna Rock Right Now

I put together this little mix of some of my favorite rock songs of all time for Scratch Weddings, and I like it so much that I wanted to share it with everyone. You can catch me at Hotel BPM tonight (Brooklyn!). Hang tight for my NYC Pride party schedule next week.

Lil Ray's Rock Demo for Scratch Weddings by Lil Ray on Mixcloud

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Follow Me On Vine

I joined Vine! Here’s my first post. It’s what I wake up to in the morning. Also, come find me at Saks 5th Ave Thursday afternoon, Andaz Hotel Thursday night, and Hotel BPM on Friday. Check my Upcoming Events page for more info.

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Hotel BPM and Neiman Marcus White Plains

I’m back at Neiman Marcus White Plains twice this week. Come find me on Thursday, June 6 and Saturday, June 8 (12 to 4 both days).

Friday, June 7, I’m at Hotel BPM in Brooklyn, which is super exciting. Hotel BPM, founded by globetrotting DJ Bijal, is a swank hotel where music is a major priority. Check out Hotel BPM’s latest playlist on Spotify.

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Olivia Palermo Party, Classic Hip Hop at Clarkson, and Veggie Prom

Tonight, I’m partying with Olivia Palermo and Built By the Factory at Piperlime. Following a crazy fun Manhattan Cocktail Classics Afterparty presented by Tanqueray, I’m happy to be back at Clarkson on Thursday night, playing a lot of classic hip hop and more (9 pm – 2 am, no cover). Friday night, we’re celebrating the 4th Annual Veggie Prom, benefiting Heart, a nonprofit with a mission to foster compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment by educating youth and teachers in Humane Education (Fontana’s, 8 pm – 2 am, $15 adv/$20 door).

Look at this broccoli breakdancing!

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Tanqueray Party at Clarkson & Earth School Spring Auction

Find me at Clarkson in the West Village on Friday night, kickin it with the Tanqueray crowd, and then I’m DJing the Earth School’s Spring Auction on Saturday at Saint Nicholas Hall.

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Whiskey Rebel, Kings Plaza Guess, and Mother’s Day Brunch at Andaz Wall Street

First, here’s a throwback photo from 2010. There’s famed trapstar DJ Speakerfoxxx on the left, our amazing friend Holly in the middle, and me on the right.

ATL, shawty!

Next up on the schedule: I’m at Whiskey Rebel tonight (Friday, 5/10, 9 to 3, no cover), Kings Plaza Guess store tomorrow (Saturday, 5/11, 2 to 5, no cover), and Andaz Wall Street for Mother’s Day Brunch (Sunday, 5/12, get tickets here).

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Crystal Light Liquid’s Biggest Words With Friends Giveaway Ever Hosted by Jordin Sparks

If I wasn’t DJing in this event’s VIP tent on Wednesday, I would be playing the biggest Words With Friends game ever (you could say I’m a WWF enthusiast). And that’s “biggest” as in: the game will be displayed on an 8-story-high game board in the middle of Manhattan. I’m really excited about being a part of the celebration along with celebrity host Jordin Sparks. It’s all happening at the Maritime Hotel on Wednesday, May 8 from 7 ’til 11 (363 W. 16th Street).


Tips for a DJ Dating a DJ

Dancefloor crushing fellow ATLien Kid Cedek posted an image detailing the rules of dating a DJ on Facebook this morning. Here are my Tips for a DJ Dating a DJ (just cuz I might know something about that). Enjoy!

Lil Ray’s Tips for a DJ Dating a DJ
1. If you’re the jealous type, don’t date anyone.
2. You can’t be at all of each other’s gigs. Obviously.
3. If you have mad skills with one of the many other things a DJ needs to do, help your partner out.
4. If you wind up at each other’s gigs, be the request gatekeeper or drink getter, but not the co-DJ. You’re off work right now.
5. If the gig ends at 4 (this is NYC), wait ’til everyone gets paid, and then go to a 24-hour diner together. You’re hungry.
6. Put turntables in every room in your apartment. You both have to practice and work on mixes.
7. After a long night of dealing with assholes, drunks and douchebags, have a good laugh about it together and be grateful you have the same cool job as each other. Mutual understanding is awesome.

Upcoming Events

Bloomingdale’s Denim Days

Bloomingdale’s Denim Days sale kicks off this Thursday, March 21, and I’ll be there at the 59th St location to help celebrate (6 pm – 8 pm)! Bloomie’s jeans selection is pretty awesome–there’s something for every body type. Saturday, I’m back at Whiskey Rebel on 28th and Lex for all your laid back, no cover, no attitude weekend socializing needs.