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Thank You Vibe Las Olas

Big shout to Vibe Las Olas for putting me on this weekend! You can tell I was having a good time. :)

Surprise Michael Jackson Dance Party at Macy’s

All credit is due to the King of Pop for inspiring this spontaneous dance party while I was DJing for Tommy Hilfiger at Macy’s on Friday, April 11.

A Show With Turquoise Jeep Records, Kosha Dillz, and Oxymorrons, and a Video With Kosha Dillz, Gangsta Boo, and Murs

THAT was an incredible 24 hours. Thanks to Kosha Dillz, I once again rode with Turquoise Jeep Records, this time at the legendary B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. The Oxymorrons were on first, and you have to go see them if they play in your town. They’re super live. Next, I DJed for Kosha Dillz. Flex Mathews rocked with us and the Queen of Memphis Gangsta Boo graced us with her presence for her verse on Kosha’s new track Where My Homies At. Then Turquoise Jeep killed it. I caught the vapors more than once. And today I dropped by Kosha’s Where My Homies At video shoot in Chinatown and watched Kosha, Boo, and Murs (who also has a verse on the track) get crazy in front of the camera. I filmed a cameo, too. Big shout out to Kosha Dillz for coming through town on his birthday and for bringing me along for the ride!

NYC Girl DJ Charity Calendar

Yeah, yeah, my heart's in a whirl...

Here I am in America Mambouka‘s NYC Girl DJ Calendar, a project that will benefit the youth program at West Harlem Residence. Order yours from our indiegogo campaign. We’re super honored to have Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono’s support. We’re turning this whole thing into a foundation that will provide funds for youth art programs across NYC, so please help spread the word!

Photo by Lee O’Connor.

New Year’s Eve; Thank You 2012

Hello there.

My 2012 New Year’s resolution was to become a full-time DJ with no side hustle needed by the time 2013 came around. Thanks to a lot of love, support, and persistence, I (or perhaps we) pulled it off six months ahead of schedule. I’d like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Scratch Music Group for adding me to the team and for challenging me to entertain complete strangers in random places every week, especially in the last four months (Grand Central Station…did that really happen?). Thanks to Whiskey Rebel and Obra Negra for the steady weekend work! Of course, a special thanks goes to my rapper friend Kosha Dillz for taking me to SXSW and for teaching me the self promotion ropes. I couldn’t have done all of this without help from some of my favorite DJ friends Rob Flow, Morsy, and Tropic. And to cap off a great year of living the dream, you can find me DJing on New Year’s Eve at Ocean Grill (384 Columbus Ave)!

PS Pre-order your Girl DJs of NYC calendar here. I’m in it! Proceeds benefit the youth program at West Harlem Residence.

Classic Hip Hop Podcast Ft. Rob Flow & Lil Ray

Rob Flow and I just got back from visiting the Bay where we DJed Kool Mondays at Beauty Bar in the Mission and made a guest appearance on Wild N Krazy Kids at Youth Radio in Oakland. You can listen to the show here. Rob paid tribute to our friend Dinco D. (Leaders of the New School), and I went in on some classic New York Hip Hop tracks. You can catch Dinco D. right now on the Hip Hop Gods Tour with Public Enemy. Rob’s at Sutra tonight and tomorrow night, and I’m at Obra Negra tonight, Whiskey Rebel tomorrow, and No Fun on Sunday.

SXSW Videos and Reviews

Last week I traveled to Austin, TX to DJ for my rapper friend Kosha Dillz at SXSW. We played shows with Murs, Mickey Avalon, Blaqstarr, Kyle Rapps, Silent Knight and The Band Called Fuse, Soul Khan, and Shinobi Ninja. It was a whole lot of fun. Checka checka check us out!


Kosha Performing “Everything is Kosha”…

Kosha Dillz and Verbs Freestyling…

Kosha Performing “Object Freestyle”…

Kosha Freestyling for CBS Radio at the SXSW Trade Show (filmed by me!)…

And here’s what people had to say about the shows and Kosha’s relentless hustle…
Backbeat: Teengirl Fantasy, Bear In Heaven Play Pitchfork Party 
LA Rapper Kosha Dillz was covertly posting fliers for his showcase during SXSW Music, but sang the praises of networking during Interactive. “There’s more
SXSW 2012: Oy Vey! Day Party With Murs, Whiteboy Wasted, Ducky 
SXSW 2012: Oy Vey! Day Party With Murs, Whiteboy Wasted, Ducky, Kosha Dillz, Kyle Rapps, and Mr. Mothafuckin eXquire. words and photo by Ian Jones 

Austin 360
All the best of the SXSW Music festival
Kosha Dillz Oy Vey day party. Tucked away on a small patio next to a high-dollar, radio-sponsored hip-hop bash, this low-key party featured a bill of great 

San Francisco Bay Guardian
SXSW Music Day 4: Nneka, Balkan Beat Box, Jimmy Cliff
But I must have read the schedule wrong because MC Kosha Dillz was holding court on the small patio. After he finished his last song he mentioned that his 

The Phoenix
In Search of Raquoon Blowjob at the Kosha Dillz Oy Vey bash
In search of Raquoon Blowjob, my first stop yesterday was the Kosha Dillz-hosted Oy Vey bash at Club 606 near the creek. He and The Company Man from 


I’m going to DJ for my pal Kosha Dillz and more! Stay tuned for show dates and times!

The Combat Jack Show with Dallas Penn

Last month I filled in for Ben-Ha-Meen on the Combat Jack Show with Dallas Penn on PNC Radio with special guests Rah Digga, Nitty Scott, and Sean Price. It was a blast. It got real magical at the end when Rah Digga and Nitty Scott freestyled over Common’s new track Sweet. I played mini sets throughout the show, mostly sticking to classic Hip Hop with a few recent favorites thrown in. Have a listen:

The Combat Jack Show (Rah Digga, Sean P & Nitty Scott) 12-21-11 by PNCRadio

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